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Welcome to Holistically

Our recruitment company is run by health care professionals for health care
professionals. We are specialized in finding jobs for experienced health care professionals such as nurses and physicians around the world including Europe, Middle East , Australia and New Zeland.

Our background as senior nurses, working abroad in several countries, gives us the know-how to work abroad. We know all the recruitment and hiring process in several countries around the world in regions such as the Middle East and several countries in Europe, Australia and New Zeland. This enables the recruitment process to go very smoothly for both the applicant and the employer.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients (both employers and employees) are guaranteed the highest level of service by finding the best-suited candidates for best-suited employers. We will guarantee highly experienced professionals to the employers and the most adequate jobs for our applicants.

Our vision is to become the most reliable and trustworthy recruitment agency from Europe for both health care organizations and applicants.

We shortlist the applicants in English to ensure they are both clinically and in the English language prepared for their jobs, facilitating the job of healthcare institutions.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona with representatives around the globe, such as in the UK, Switzerland, etc.

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Why choose Holistically

  • – Nursing agency run by experienced nurses working abroad.
  • – We understand our market.
  • – We understand our candidates.
  • – We understand the healthcare needs of the United Kingdom as well as other countries in the Middle East and Australia.
  • – Passionate to support our patriots.
  • – We understand the application process to register as a professional in different countries.
  • – We know how to prepare health care professionals for deployment.
  • – We understand the importance of ethical practice to safeguard our clients and job seekers.
  • – Part of the Endorse network providing support & guidance.
  • – Our network of partnerships.
  • – We are cost-effective, cutting out suppliers.
  • – We understand the strict document verification process of the different countries we are working with.


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