Our Team


We strive for assisting health care professionals in finding their best-suited jobs as well as assisting Health Care Organizations in finding the best health care professionals for their needs.


  • – To be the most trustworthy agency that moves health care professionals around the world.
  • – Holistically is a company built by experienced health care professionals that have spent the last 20 years working in different hospitals around the world.
  • – We’ve worked at both junior and senior levels in government institutions, private institutions, military institutions…
  • – We have built a fruitful relationship with the institutions that we have worked with as well as with many health care professionals that we have met from different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • – Giving guidance to health care professionals before making a decision to move to another country to work has been part of ourselves since we started traveling 20 years ago.
  • – Our advice has helped many health care professionals settling down and getting the best of their new experiences in new working journeys in their lives.


  • – We recognize that everyone is unique and act in a way to ensure candidates gain an exceptional experience.
  • – We treat all with respect, loyalty, and fairness and cultivate success based on long-term relationships.
  • – We act with honesty, transparency, and with the best interests of the candidates with everything we do.
  • – We practice ethically with integrity to ensure competent talent is suitable and can deliver the best compassionate care.

Who do we target

  • – Graduate Nurses
  • – Experienced Nurses
  • – Doctors
  • – Physiotherapists
  • – Radiographers
  • – Biomedical Scientists
  • – Pharmacists
  • And more…

Where do we target candidates from

  • – Spain
  • – Portugal
  • – United Kingdom
  • – Italy
  • – Philippines
  • – India
  • – Australia
  • – New Zeland
  • – South Africa
  • – And many more countries around the world

Attraction Strategy

  • – Headhunting
  • – University partnerships
  • – Hospital Network
  • – Deployed candidates
  • – IELTS & OET Review Centres
  • – Paper advert
  • – Word of mouth

Where do we deploy to

  • – United Kingdom
  • – Ireland
  • – Middle-East
  • – Australia
  • – New Zeland


Helping people all around the world bag their dream job.

Meet our amazing team members

Pilar Muro

+34 634620521


Human Resources Director


A psychologist with more than 20 years of working experience


Pilar is a Spanish Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology. She is a senior lecturer in many Spanish universities, and she has a wide international experience such as Finland, Austria, Lithuania, and the United States of America. She has participated in many international interdisciplinary programs. Responsible for Human resources and Educational director in Holistically

Juan Muro Sans

+34 662213880


Chief Executive Officer. World wide registered nurse and simulation consultant

Juan is a trained nurse with more than 20 years of working experience that includes staff nurse positions to both clinical and educational senior positions internationally. He has worked in both private, military, government hospitals within the UK, United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He started supporting healthcare professionals in finding jobs in 2013 and has been giving advice and recommendations to healthcare professionals all around the world in regards to best-suited job opportunities for both junior and experienced healthcare professionals. He is working as the CEO of Holistically continuing his journey in supporting healthcare professionals in finding best-suited positions for them as well as a Simulation Education Consultant, work that he has been doing since 2009. Juan is currently completing a Ph.D. related to Simulation education and the role of the facilitator during debriefing.