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Designing/developing a new simulation center

Creation of standard documents for the creation of SBLE

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Simulation education methodology courses:

Simulation based learning is used widely in the education of healthcare professionals that, as stated by the INACSL standards and recommendations from the SSIH, require the facilitators to be trained in the methodology, to create simulation based learning experiences, to facilitate debriefing in an effective manner.

We offer courses that will provide all participants with the resources to be able to create simulation based learning experiences as well as facilitation

  • – Creation of a Simulation Based Learning Experience
  • – Basics of debriefing
  • – Advance debriefing course

Designing/developing a new simulation center:

Are you planning on building or setting up a place to facilitate learning through the use of simulation? Either if it is only for skills training, or immersive simulation sessions or even using virtual reality, you would benefit tremendously from the advice from an educationalist with wide experience in setting up centers that facilitate learning through the use of simulation as a tool.

Holistically will guide you through the identification of needs, link the center’s mission and vision to the one of your institution, develop a strategic and/or business plan so that all human and technological resources are properly identified.
We will help you defining and developing the roles of the employees of the center, identifying the best technical resources to fit the center’s needs, defining the layout of the center and prepare an investment plan according to the center’s strategy.
If you are planning to get your center accredited by an international or local organization, then make sure you plan this well ahead, we will support you in making sure you implement all the necessary to help you achieve accreditation.
We can accompany you throughout the whole process or only until the center is up and running, what ever your needs are.

Accreditation of simulation centers:

Either if you are a simulation center that have been operational for some time or you are a brand new center , or even you are on the designing part, and you are interested in getting international recognition by a simulation society, then we can help you.
We have experience in the accreditation of simulation centers, and can assist you in making your job easier. We can support you in getting SSIH accreditation.

Creation of standard documents for the creation of SBLE:

All simulation centers around the world depend on adjunct faculty to run all their programs, they get experienced educators facilitating courses and all would be much easier for the institution if you have a pre-defined working tool to develop and facilitate all your simulation based learning experiences.

We can help you in defining the specific tool that best fits your institution needs as well as adapts perfectly to your simulation center, taking into account all your available resources and policies and procedures.


Simulation based learning for healthcare professionals is nowadays widely used for the training of healthcare professionals. Healthcare education needs to be based on experience in order to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes.