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Get ready to work as a healthcare professional abroad by learning English, French or German!

Understanding and speaking the language is vitally important to being able to work in any country. It’s not just a requirement to get your healthcare professional licence validated, but it will help you feel confident and comfortable in your new working environment with colleagues and patients and help you integrate into a new country and culture. Our language courses last 6 MONTHS, you can choose between ENGLISH, GERMAN OR FRENCH and you can study at your own pace and convenience online with extra support from us.

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What can you expect from our language courses?

We have partnered with Altissia in order to provide the best language courses adapted to all levels and with a specific professional module on health care.

24 7 courses

Access 24/7

You have access to the platform for 6 months and you learn at your own pace. At the start of the course, you will take a test to determine your level and you will start from there. The number of hours of use is unlimited and every month you can take a free test to check your level. The course is suitable for all levels.

agent Holistically

Technical vocabulary support

Our agents, who speak the language and have worked in the healthcare sector in the Middle East, Switzerland and the UK will help you with any difficulties you may encounter and provide you with the specific and technical vocabulary you need to work as a healthcare professional. in your field. Our agents will assist medical staff by providing information on how healthcare operates in different countries and offering insights into the working culture in each location.

job placement

Support recruitment process

An agent will provide you with personalised support throughout the process of preparing you to work as a healthcare professional abroad. You will receive detailed information and support with administrative formalities. Our agents will do their utmost to help you find a suitable position based on your training and experience in the different countries where we collaborate with hospitals.

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