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Chair of Oncology Services

Holistically EU is seeking interested, suitably qualified and experienced Chair of Oncology Serices  for the new Hamdam Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital.

The Chair of Oncology Services is the clinical and academic leader of the Department of Oncology at DH. In this capacity, the Chair provides clinical leadership, supervision, and growth development to the various entities within Oncology Services. The Chair will provide the department with direction, a vision, goal setting, and input to key strategic, clinical, financial, and operational issues that align with the organisational goals of DH and the needs of the community and patients. The Chair will have the opportunity to build an internationally recognised program while leading and developing clinical, research, academic, and training strategies for the department of Oncology. The Chair will work in collaboration with other divisions, departments, and organisational leaders within DH.


This individual will be the clinical and academic lead for the newly centralised cancer services at HBRCH and working alongside the Executive Director HBRCH, will report to the Chief Medical Officer for Dubai Health.



The Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital (HBRCH) is located in Dubai, UAE.



Life in Dubai as a healthcare professional offers a unique blend of opportunity and luxury. With state-of-the-art facilities, diverse patient populations, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle, professionals thrive in a dynamic healthcare environment. Beyond work, Dubai’s world-class amenities, vibrant social scene, and iconic landmarks make it an exciting and fulfilling place to live and work.

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Salary from 35’000AED a month Tax-free  is one of the main benefits. This provides you with the opportunity to save a significant amount of your salary.

6 weeks holidays a year + 7 or 8 bank holidays

All employees are entitled to initial hire and repatriation tickets to and from your point of origin. In addition each year at the end of your contract, you will be entitled to a free round-trip ticket to your point of origin provided you have signed a new contract for the following year.

All employees are provided with medical care. This includes routine GP care as well as hospital care. Emergency dental care is provided as necessary.



Medical Degree from a recognised University or Medical College.

Valid license 

Master’s Degree or PhD in Management, Business, or Healthcare Administration is advantageous.

Fluent English – oral and written


Current hospital experience

5 years experience in oncology or surgical oncology clinical practice.

5 years experience in oncology leadership role


Incredible working opportunity:

HBRCH will be a beacon of hope for patients and their families in the UAE and the broader region, bringing together leading clinical and scientific cancer experts across the continuum of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survival, palliative care, and research. The hospital, named after the late Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will provide world-class clinical and support services in a nurturing environment. You will be assisting in the development and communication of new patient-centric clinical programs and department strategy and goals, including ambulatory, acute, and supportive care.


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