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7 Essential Steps for Healthcare Professionals moving to Switzerland

Nurse Switzerland

In today’s globalised healthcare landscape, nurses are increasingly seeking opportunities to practice abroad. However, navigating the licensing procedures in different countries can be complex. In this guide, we’ll explore the requirements and procedures for obtaining a  nursing position and the nursing license in Switzerland.



Switzerland is highly desirable for nurses due to its renowned healthcare system, competitive salaries, and excellent quality of life. Nurses can expect professional development opportunities, a supportive work environment, and access to breathtaking natural scenery. With our guidance, you can navigate through  our 7 steps required to work in Switzerland, allowing you to plan ahead with confidence.

Nurse Switzerland


1. Research opportunities and demand in your field

Before you take the plunge, do some in-depth research into the demand for your specific healthcare profession in Switzerland. Explore job opportunities, understand current trends and identify areas where your skills are in high demand.


2. Language skills

Improve your communication skills. Although English is widely spoken, speaking and understanding French or German is not only very useful, it’s also a requirement for registering as a nurse in Switzerland. Invest in language courses designed for healthcare professionals to improve your communication skills and integrate smoothly into the Swiss healthcare environment.

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3. Understanding Swiss licensing requirements

To practise in Switzerland, healthcare professionals must meet specific licensing requirements. Familiarise yourself with the Swiss licensing process for your profession, whether nursing, medicine or physiotherapy, and gather all the necessary documents.

The Swiss Red Cross serves as the official authority for registering foreign nursing licenses in Switzerland. To initiate the process, applicants typically need to submit their academic transcripts, proof of current nursing license, and a statement of service. The cost and duration of the registration process can vary, but applicants can expect to pay administrative fees and undergo a verification process, which may take several weeks to complete. Additionally, applicants may need to provide other supporting documents as requested by the Swiss Red Cross.

At Holistically we will provide you with the necessary information and support for this process.


4. Holistically 

Joining forces with a specialist recruitment agency like Holistically  can be a game-changer. Our expertise in healthcare recruitment ensures a tailored approach, matching professionals with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations. Our experienced agents, who have also worked in the Swiss healthcare system, will be able to inform you about the Swiss job market, all the requirements for obtaining a licence in Switzerland, and will support and assist you with any questions you may have about relocating.


5. Financial planning

Switzerland is known for its high standard of living, and while salaries often match, it’s crucial to understand the financial landscape. Assess the balance between income and living costs to ensure you are financially comfortable throughout your career.


6. Navigating the bureaucratic landscape

Work permits and documentation. Switzerland’s bureaucratic processes are a dance of precision. Get the work permits and residency documents you need to work legally in the country. Holistically Switzerland can guide you through the maze of red tape and ensure a smooth transition.


7. Adopt the Swiss work culture and way of life

Prepare yourself for Switzerland’s unique work culture, with its emphasis on punctuality, collaboration and a good work-life balance. Adopt the Swiss way of life, in both your professional and personal spheres, to ensure a fulfilling and harmonious experience.



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